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How to use irrigation water reasonably?

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    For ordinary people, water seems to be a rich resource on earth. However, in our azure land, 97 water is salt water, and 2 fresh water is in the form of snow and icebergs. Only part of the human consumption we currently consume is freshwater supply. The earth's fresh water evaporates and then returns to Earth in the form of rain, snow and ice. Most of the returned water evaporates immediately, falls into places that are difficult for humans to reach, or flows into the ocean before being intercepted. Only 10 of the Earth's total precipitation can be obtained and used by humans. In this ratio, only 40 (or 4 of the total precipitation) is used.

    The threat of global water shortages is deepening and requires immediate attention from society. Options for dealing with this problem include: water re-pricing; water reuse; seawater desalination; water transfer and improvement of the water supply system; plant species selection and effective water conservation.

    We know that there are many ways to solve the water shortage problem. At present, effective water conservation is one of the practical options. From early morning to the use of advanced computer central controls, sensors and climate-adjusting technologies, effective water use can significantly reduce the amount of water used on golf courses while maintaining the health and beauty of the lawn and landscape.

    Irrigation on golf courses is different from horticulture and agricultural irrigation. Irrigation equipment is highly demanding, irrigation is more uniform, management is higher, and members without irrigation do not need green spaces and fairways. In the current situation of rising golf course prices, how to make existing water resources more effective is an urgent problem to be solved. In order to achieve greater water savings, advanced technologies and products must be combined with sound system design, installation and maintenance, and scientific irrigation management. Without any of these steps, it is difficult to achieve water efficiency.
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