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Golf course sprinkler implementation

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First, the design of the stadium sprinkler irrigation system. Who is the design of the sprinkler irrigation system for the stadium? How to choose a design company and solution? At present, in the construction of golf courses in China, the design of the sprinkler irrigation system generally adopts the following three methods:

1. Designed by a sprinkler design company from a foreign country. Foreign sprinkler designers have rich experience in designing sprinkler irrigation systems at the Gore Stadium, familiar with the water requirements of the lawns in various areas of the golf course, and can design the stadium sprinklers for the course design. However, due to the high positioning of sprinkler irrigation in foreign countries, it is necessary to pay more for investment, and at the same time, it will be higher in design fees.

2. Designed by a domestic professional golf sprinkler engineering company. Because golf has not entered China for a long time, professional golf sprinkler engineering companies have only appeared in recent years, but they all have rich experience in the construction of stadiums, and can make a good design of the sprinkler irrigation system according to the needs of the owners.

3. Designed by the stadium construction company. There are only a few stadium construction companies in China, which have the ability to independently complete the sprinkler design of the stadium. But take into account some of the problems that design and construction should face.

Second, the choice of control methods for sprinkler irrigation systems.

1. Separate sub-control box control. Separate control box control can effectively save investment, but in the later course sprinkler irrigation management, more manpower needs to be invested, and at the same time, runoff cannot be effectively controlled. Currently, there are Dongguan Phoenix Mountain, Shenzhen Guangming, Hebei Baiyangdian Sports Park in China. Wait for the pitch to use this sprinkler control system.

2. Sub-control box + central control. It is a sprinkler control method widely used in golf courses in the world. This control method has the following advantages and disadvantages. Advantages: Irrigation work can be done separately by the sub-controller and it is easy to operate in the field. Disadvantages: It will have a certain impact on the landscape of the stadium and require higher investment. At present, the sprinkler irrigation control system is used in Hainan Boao Forum for Asia, Shenzhen Guanlan Lake, and Shenzhen Juhao.

3. Decoder + central control. At present, some manufacturers are mainly promoting the sprinkler irrigation control system, but there are not many golf courses in China, and it has the following advantages and disadvantages. Advantages: can save costs; is conducive to the landscape of the stadium; easy to expand and upgrade the system. Disadvantages: need to have better grounding and can not run alone without a central control system. This type of control is more suitable for the transformation and upgrading of the stadium; the impact of lightning is small; the cost of the small-scale course will be higher at the same time. At present, there are such sprinkler irrigation control systems in Tianjin Tuanbo Lake and Qingyuan Lion Lake.

4. ICS integrated system. Rain Bird Company ** new sprinkler system**, this system has no control box, no decoder, and the decoder is directly integrated into the nozzle. It has the advantages of simple design, simple construction, simple maintenance and simple fault diagnosis. At present, Hainan Shanqinwan Golf will be the first golf course in China to use this system first.

Third, the choice of sprinkler products. Because the golf industry has not entered China for a long time, most of the golf sprinkler products are imported from the sprinkler irrigation products, but a considerable number of products can still be domestic brands, which can be measured from the following three aspects: 1. Technology and quality. 2, after-sales service. 3. The price of the product.

4. Selection of construction units for sprinkler irrigation projects.

1. Construction by the stadium construction company. At present, many course construction projects are general contracted projects, and the sprinkler irrigation project is a sub-project of the stadium construction, which is naturally carried out by the stadium construction company. This mode of operation facilitates overall construction and reduces coordination. However, it must be ** all installers have skilled installation experience.

2. Construction by professional sprinkler engineering company. Many course construction projects will be constructed by a professional sprinkler irrigation company. This type of operation can be effective in the quality of sprinkler irrigation projects. However, it is necessary to make good connections with other courses on the course, as well as coordination and coordination with the stadium construction company.

5. Supervision of construction site of sprinkler irrigation project. The effective supervision during the construction of the sprinkler irrigation project can be tracked and inspected from the materials, installation and backfilling of the trenches to the quality of the project.

1. The material comes into play. The material is very important for any project. The materials must be strictly checked when entering the market.

2. Pipe trench excavation backfill. Pipe trench excavation must be smooth, and the trench backfill must be layered and tamped to prevent settlement of the trench.

3. Installation. Installation must be careful and careful, the pipe rubber ring must be placed in the right place, must be in place; the glued pipe, the glue must be even and full.

Six other related issues

1. The nozzle control line is directly buried. According to the relevant domestic industry regulations, cables buried in the ground must be bushed or armored. However, the control line of the nozzle is 24v AC, and there is no safety threat. Therefore, the casing or armored cable is usually not used. The ordinary 1.5m2 and 2.5m2 cables can be used, but the thickness of the coil is relatively thick. Special cable for golf sprinklers for rodent control.

2. Pipe test pressure of sprinkler irrigation system. According to the requirements of GB/T50085-2007 "Technical Specifications for Sprinkler Irrigation Engineering", the sprinkler irrigation project shall be carried out during the construction and installation process and after the completion of the construction. However, due to the large fluctuation of the golf course and the wide construction area, in the case that the conditions for the pressure test in the construction stage are not mature, the pumping station can be used for the zone compression test after the completion of the entire system pipe network.
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