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Maintenance of buried rotating nozzle

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After the irrigation system is put into use, it is necessary to timely and correctly maintain the various components of the system, effectively operate the entire system, avoid water waste, ensure the normal growth of the lawn and extend the life of the system. Among them, the maintenance of lawn sprinklers is an important part of system maintenance.
At present, the buried rotary lawn sprinklers of well-known brands on the market are mostly closed casings, which are basically close to maintenance-free. However, in most lawn irrigation systems, buried rotary lawn sprinklers are an important part of the system and still require regular inspection and maintenance. Maintenance of the buried rotary lawn sprinkler is not difficult as long as the management and maintenance personnel follow the correct steps and use the appropriate tools.
In the cold regions of the north, due to the long non-irrigation period, it is generally necessary to check the irrigation system once before the start of irrigation in the spring. In the south, because the irrigation period is long and even water is needed throughout the year, it is usually required to inspect the irrigation system at least twice a year.
When inspecting the irrigation system, it is necessary to check whether the spray angle setting of each nozzle is correct, whether the nozzle rotation is normal, whether there are grass leaves, grass roots and other debris affecting the normal operation of the nozzle, whether the nozzle is worn, whether the seal ring leaks, etc. It is also found that the nozzle housing is broken and the filter inside the nozzle is clogged. As long as the maintenance personnel carefully observe the operation of each nozzle, most of these problems are not difficult to find and solve.
1. Adjustment of spray angle
Confirm that the spray angle of each adjustable angle nozzle is set to the correct range. Sometimes a child, a curious person, or a deliberate person will change the spray angle of the originally set nozzle. In this case, the spray angle should be re-adjusted to the correct position as required by the manufacturer.
2. The rotation of the nozzle
It is also important to check that each nozzle is rotating normally while observing the adjustment of the spray angle. If any nozzles are found to be unable to rotate, replace them with nozzles and nozzles of the same model or similar performance.
3. Removal of debris
As the lawn grows, more and more debris will accumulate at the nozzle installation site. These sundries are mostly organic substances such as spoiled grasses and grass roots. If the blades and debris of the lawn have affected the flow of water from the nozzle, you will need to cut the grass or remove debris from the nozzle. For systems with long nozzle installation times, the nozzles may settle, making debris easy to accumulate. At this time, it is necessary to dig up the nozzle, add a section of the connecting tube, and adjust the nozzle to a suitable height.
4. Nozzle wear
If the nozzle is heavily worn, the range of the nozzle will be significantly reduced and the water flow will not be smooth enough. This happens mostly in older systems, as well as in systems where there are impurities in the pipe network or where the water source contains a high amount of sand. When a nozzle with severe wear is found, it is necessary to replace it with the same type of nozzle.
5. Seal wear
When it is found that there is water flowing between the nozzle lifting column and the top cover, it should be considered that the sealing ring may have worn out. But sometimes the water flow between the lifting column and the top cover is less pronounced, but only a weak leak. It is then necessary to replace the seal or the entire top cover. Some nozzles can be individually replaced with seals, while others have a seal that is integral with the top cover and requires replacement of the entire top cover when the seal is worn.
6. Shell rupture
If the crack of the nozzle housing is not large, it may not be easy to find. Generally, when the nozzle housing is broken, an abnormally wet area may occur near the nozzle. The rupture of the casing mostly occurs on the edge of the lawn adjacent to the road. The main reason is that the vehicle that accidentally enters the lawn is likely to cause damage to the nozzle. In the cold regions of the north, sometimes the improper management of the irrigation system in winter can also cause the rupture of the nozzle housing. When the nozzle housing was found to be broken, the only solution was to replace the housing. However, it should be noted that, at the same time as the casing is broken, it is likely that the lifting column of the nozzle or the driving mechanism inside thereof will also be damaged. In this case, the entire nozzle is replaced.
7. Filter blockage
Buried rotary lawn sprinklers are generally equipped with screens to reduce the possibility of impurities blocking the nozzle and damaging internal mechanisms. When there are many impurities blocked by the filter, the filter will be blocked, the pressure at the nozzle is too low, and the flow rate and range are reduced. The reason for the blockage of the nozzle filter is that, in addition to the poor water quality of the water source, most of the impurities enter the pipeline when the system pipe network is broken, or organic matter such as algae accumulates in the filter. To deal with the problem of filter plugging, first remove the lifting column of the nozzle and clean the filter; then, the pipe with impurities should be flushed, but during the process of flushing the pipe, special care should be taken to prevent new impurities from entering the pipe. . In the case of poor water quality, a filtration system needs to be added to the system header.
The maintenance of the buried rotary lawn sprinkler should be one of the important contents of the daily maintenance work of the entire irrigation system. There is no doubt that timely and meticulous inspection, adjustment and maintenance of the nozzles plays an important role in ensuring that the irrigation system is in good operating condition, extending the life of the system, and maintaining the robustness and beauty of the lawn.
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