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What are the problems of efficient water-saving irrigation in rural areas?

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      High-efficiency water-saving irrigation facilities have large one-time investment, high operation and maintenance costs, and large demand for construction management funds, resulting in insufficient funds for independent development of high-efficiency water-saving irrigation, which has affected the construction scale and standards of high-efficiency water-saving irrigation projects.

      1. The planning is not binding and the construction standards are not uniform. Limited by the limitations of the department, the lack of scientific demonstration of the development conditions of high-efficiency water-saving irrigation has not yet guided the macro-zoning and planning of water-saving agriculture development from the overall distribution characteristics of water and soil resources, industrial layout and economic and social development, lacking macroscopic irrigation. Research on issues such as scale, type, standards, potential, benefits, and policies cannot form a systematic scientific basis, leading to the development of water-saving agriculture with certain blindness.

      2. The technical service system and mechanism are not in place. Propaganda of high-efficiency water-saving irrigation and benefit knowledge training is not in place, farmers lack the knowledge of efficient water-saving equipment operation and maintenance and related crop cultivation knowledge, lack of technical personnel to provide technical guidance to farmers in the application and maintenance of water-saving irrigation systems, restricting water-saving irrigation Large-scale promotion of technology.

      3. Lack of incentive policies and inadequate management mechanisms. The state's subsidy policy for farmers to adopt water-saving irrigation is lacking, farmers' awareness of water-saving is weak, irrigation water is arbitrarily large, irrigation water consumption is not effectively controlled, and water resource value cannot be reflected. For farmers, they value their own direct economic benefits, and water conservation and water conservation are not directly related to them.

       4. Farming land is scattered and scale development is restricted. China's current household contract responsibility system is to contract land to each farmer's decentralized operation, the scale of operation is relatively small, irrigation water is difficult to coordinate, and it is difficult to plan overall crop types and layout, which restricts the promotion of high-efficiency water-saving irrigation technology.

       5. Reconstruction of the light pipe is prominent, and the equipment is difficult to operate for a long time. The agricultural water-saving irrigation project is a public welfare project, mainly to meet the needs of water-saving irrigation. There is no clear regulation on irrigation management issues. The operation management and maintenance of water-saving facilities lacks financial support, so that after the project is built, it is used but not managed, and even some people are destroyed, so that the water-saving facilities cannot operate normally.
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