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Analysis on Development Stage and Competition Pattern of Water-saving Irrigation Industry in China

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Nowadays, the world is facing three major problems of population, resources and environment, among which water resources are an irreplaceable important resource. With the development of economy and society, the demand for water will become more prominent and the water resources will become increasingly tense. In order to cope with the shortage of water resources, all countries in the world vigorously develop water-saving industries and advocate water-saving. Water-saving irrigation is the trend of world irrigation technology development and the inevitable choice to alleviate the water resources crisis and achieve efficient and accurate agriculture.

Israel is the country with the best development of water-saving irrigation technology in the world. At present, drip irrigation technology is used in more than 80% of the irrigation area. Israel's Netfeim, Plasto and other water-saving irrigation companies are leading the world in technology. In addition, other countries such as Sweden, Britain, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania and other countries, sprinkler and drip irrigation area accounted for more than 80% of the irrigated area.

From the perspective of global water-saving irrigation equipment industry, Israel, the United States and other countries have always been in the leading position in the field of research and development and manufacturing, and have monopolized the production of high-end water-saving equipment in the world for a long time. According to the analysis report on the development environment prediction and investment strategy of irrigation service industry during the 13th Five-Year Plan issued by the New Sijie Industry Research Center, the overall competition pattern of China's water-saving irrigation equipment industry is: at present, enterprises in the water-saving irrigation industry are generally small in scale and the industry concentration is not high.

Because of the disadvantage in price, the international water-saving irrigation giants have gradually withdrawn from the competition in the domestic middle and low-end water-saving irrigation market, and have formed a certain monopoly advantage in the high-end water-saving irrigation equipment market. The domestic leading enterprises in water-saving irrigation have made continuous progress in product quality and technology, and have been able to win competition in the middle-end product field and challenge the high-end product market.

According to industry analysts in Xinsi, China is a country with water shortage, uneven spatial and temporal distribution, and insufficient per capita water resources. At present, China's per capita water resources occupy about 2100 cubic meters, only 25% of the world's per capita level. It is expected that the per capita water resources in China will drop to 1760 cubic meters by 2030, approaching the internationally recognized warning line of serious water shortage of 1700 cubic meters. Water shortage has become an important factor restricting China's economic development and social progress. Therefore, the demand prospect of water-saving irrigation is good, and the water-saving irrigation industry will face an important period of opportunity for the development of the industry.
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