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Some knowledge about water saving irrigation

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1. What is water saving irrigation?

       According to the law of crop water demand and local water supply conditions, the use of precipitation and irrigation water can be used efficiently to obtain comprehensive measures of economic, social and ecological benefits. In other words, water-saving irrigation includes comprehensive measures such as technology, management, and economy, not a single means.

2. What water should I save for water-saving irrigation?

       The irrigation water is transported from the water source to the farmland to meet the needs of the crop. It can be divided into three parts, that is, the water is sent to the field through the water distribution system; the crop is used in the field; the water absorbed by the crop passes through photosynthesis and transpiration. Output yield. Water-saving irrigation has water in these three links. That is to reduce the loss of water distribution; reduce deep leakage and inter-plant evaporation in the field; in the third link, increase the water yield is also water-saving.

3. What are the ways to save irrigation water?

       The use of various anti-seepage measures and pipeline water delivery, together with enhanced management, can reduce the loss of water distribution. Water-saving irrigation techniques, such as small-scale irrigation, drip irrigation, and rice-controlled irrigation, can reduce field losses. Water-saving irrigation systems and agricultural measures can increase water production. The above measures must be combined with hardware and software to achieve better results.

4. Can agricultural water saving start from those aspects?

       There are several classification methods for water saving irrigation measures. Here, the water-saving irrigation measures are first divided into three categories: engineering measures, management measures and agronomic measures. Among them, engineering measures can be further divided into three categories: water supply and water saving measures for canal water supply and water saving and water saving measures for field irrigation. Canal water saving measures are usually divided into channel anti-seepage measures and pipeline water delivery measures. Field irrigation and water saving measures can usually be divided into improved ground irrigation technology, promotion of sprinkler irrigation technology and micro irrigation technology. The improvement of ground irrigation technology usually includes various water-saving irrigation measures such as leveling land, large tamping and small hoeing, long tamping and short hoeing, intermittent irrigation (or surge irrigation), membrane irrigation and membrane irrigation. Management water-saving measures are generally divided into six categories: improving irrigation system, establishing water-saving technical service system, improving water source management, reforming water management system, policies and regulations, and formulating reasonable water price standards and water fee collection methods.
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