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Advantages of drip irrigation for water saving irrigation

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Drip irrigation is a common method of water-saving irrigation. It is used to drip the water drop by drop, evenly and slowly into the soil near the root zone of the crop through a dripper, orifice or drip irrigation belt installed on the capillary. Irrigation form. Because the amount of dripping is small, the water droplets slowly enter the soil. Therefore, under the drip irrigation condition, except that the soil moisture under the dripper is in a saturated state, the soil moisture in other parts is in an unsaturated state, and the soil moisture mainly infiltrates and diffuses by capillary tension. . Has the following advantages:

(1) Water saving

      The drip irrigation system is all transported by pipelines, and there are few leakage and evaporation losses along the way; drip irrigation is a local irrigation. Generally, only some soil near the root of the crop is wetted during irrigation, and the irrigation flow is small, and surface runoff and deep leakage are not easy to occur; Drip irrigation can supply water according to crop growth in a timely and appropriate amount. Compared with other irrigation methods, the water utilization rate is higher.

(2) Energy saving

       The drip irrigation emitter operates under low pressure conditions. The general working pressure is 5-15 m head (0.5-1.5 kg), which is lower than that of sprinkler irrigation. Because drip irrigation saves water compared with ground irrigation, the irrigation water utilization rate is high. This means less energy for irrigation.

(3) uniform irrigation

       The drip irrigation system can effectively control the water output of each emitter, and the uniformity of irrigation is high, and the uniformity is generally as high as 80-90%.

(4) Increase production

      Drip irrigation can supply fertilizer to the root zone of the crop in a timely and appropriate amount. Some can also adjust the temperature and humidity between the trees, which will not cause soil compaction and provide good conditions for crop growth, thus facilitating high yield and stable yield and improving product quality. Practice in many places has proven that drip irrigation generally increases yield by about 30% compared to other irrigation methods.

(5) Strong adaptability to soil and topography

      The irrigation rate of the drip irrigation system can be fast or slow. For the viscous soil with low infiltration rate, the irrigation speed can be slowed down, so that it does not produce surface runoff. For sandy soil with high infiltration rate, the irrigation speed can be increased and the irrigation can be carried out. Time can be shortened or intermittently irrigated, which allows the crop root layer to maintain proper soil moisture without deep leaks. Since drip irrigation is a pressure pipe for water delivery, it is not necessary to level the ground.

(6) can use salt water resources under certain conditions

       Drip irrigation can keep the root layer soil of the crop frequently maintained in a high water-containing state, so the local soil solution concentration is low, the osmotic pressure is relatively low, and the crop root system can normally absorb water and nutrients without being harmed by saline. Practice has proved that using salt water drip irrigation, the salt content in the irrigation water is 2 ~ 4 g / liter, the crop can still grow normally, and obtain higher yield.

       However, the use of salty water drip will cause salt spots on the periphery of the wet zone of the drip, which will deteriorate the soil in the long-term use. Therefore, in the arid and semi-arid regions, fresh water is used for salt washing at the end of the irrigation season.

(7) Saving labor

       The drip irrigation system does not need to level the land, open the ditch and smash, and can implement automatic control, which greatly reduces the labor and labor intensity of field irrigation.
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