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In recent years, China's water-saving irrigation has developed rapidly and made some achievements. However, compared with advanced countries, there is still a big gap, and there are still some problems in the following aspects. First, there is insufficient research on water-saving policies. The construction of water-saving irrigation policies, regulations and regulations is relatively lagging behind, and the management system of agricultural irrigation water does not meet the requirements of market mechanism. Especially how to use economic policies to encourage and mobilize farmers'enthusiasm for water conservation, what protective and supportive policies the government should adopt to develop water-saving agriculture and promote water-saving irrigation, and what restraint mechanism should be implemented for extensive water use are still insufficient. Second, the technology level of water-saving irrigation is low. At present, China's water-saving irrigation area is less than half of the effective irrigation area. Channel seepage control and pipeline irrigation still dominate. Sprinkler irrigation and micro-irrigation only account for about 2.6% of the irrigation area. Compared with developed countries, there is still a big gap. The production scale and product quality of water-saving irrigation equipment can not fully meet the development needs of water-saving irrigation. Technical supervision and quality inspection of water-saving irrigation equipment need to be strengthened urgently. The research and application of water-saving irrigation system is still a weak link. Third, the water price of agricultural irrigation is on the low side. Low water price is difficult to play the role of price leverage, which is not conducive to the promotion of water-saving irrigation. Fourth, insufficient investment. To achieve the national development goal of water-saving irrigation, at least 6 billion yuan will be invested every year. At present, the main investment channel of water-saving irrigation is the discount loan of water-saving irrigation issued by the Agricultural Bank. Only 2 billion yuan of loans are granted every year, which can not meet the development needs of water-saving irrigation. In addition, the short repayment period of loans, the short discount period and the low standard are not conducive to mobilizing farmers'enthusiasm. Fifthly, the understanding is not in place. The seriousness of water shortage in China and the impact of water shortage on ecological environment, national economy and social development are far from being paid enough attention. For immediate benefit and short-term economic benefit, some areas are still overpumping or overpumping groundwater to carry out flooding irrigation. In some basins, the upstream water use is not controlled, which has caused serious deterioration of the downstream ecological environment.
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