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What are the skills of hose drip irrigation?

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One is to open the suction valve of the fertilizer applicator first, and then open the valve to the maximum, and then connect the pressurized water source to irrigation; the other is to open the valve when fertilizing water, open the switch of the suction pipe of the fertilizer applicator, fix the filter at the bottom of the fertilizer solution barrel, and connect the water source to fertilize. Fertilization stagnation, but also open the switch on the pipette, open the valve to continue irrigation, in order to flush the residual fertilizer in the pipe.


1. Install drip irrigation system to ensure that the control area of each section is not more than half an acre. At the same time, the ground contacted with each hose is smooth to ensure the smooth flow of water.

2. The holes in drip irrigation belts are usually laid up and covered with plastic film. If not covered with plastic film, the holes in drip irrigation belts can be laid down.

3. Use clean water sources, and the water should not be more than 0. 8 mm suspended solids. Otherwise, net filters should be added to purify the water. Usually there is no filtration when tap water and well water are used.

4. When installing and operating in the field, beware of scratching, puncturing drip irrigation belts or supervisors.

5. After fertilization, water should be irrigated continuously for a period of time to prevent chemical substances from accumulating and blocking the orifice.

6. In order to avoid the blockage caused by the accumulation of sediment and other impurities in the pipe, the drip irrigation belt and the tail of the main pipe should be released one by one to increase the flow scouring.

7. When changing stubble, the equipment should be properly kept in shade after dismantling.
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