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Application technology of sprinkler irrigation system in greenhouse

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In plastic solar greenhouse greenhouse, sprinkling irrigation technology can make the water, fertilizer and temperature in the greenhouse interact with each other, regulate the air humidity and improve the growing environment of crops. The following is our project in a vegetable greenhouse in pinghu, zhejiang province, as a practice proof: the use of irrigation technology in the greenhouse, both

Reduce plant person labor intensity, can promote vegetable to increase production again, offer farmer friend reference only below.

I. requirements of greenhouse greenhouse sprinkler irrigation for various sprinkler irrigation equipment

Sprinkler system equipment includes water source, sprinkler pump, sprinkler head, etc. Greenhouse greenhouse on these irrigation equipment has certain requirements: (1) the water source water, no pollution, no impurities; The requirements of irrigation pump and water conditions should be matching reasonable, pump and nozzle working parameters should be consistent, pump and power machine, pipe

Road, transmission and connection should be matched reasonably, when the flow requirements are small, pressure requirements are not high, try to choose single-phase water pump; (3) sprinkler head anti-blocking performance, spray atomization uniform, and matching sprinkler pump. The storage tank can be built according to the size of the covered area and selected according to the above requirements

Choose different power sprinkler pump, sprinkler head. The vegetable temperature shed in pinghu city is rectangular and occupies a small area. The working pressure of the nozzle matched with the pump is 0.18 kpa, and the range diameter is 3.5~4 meters. Main pipe diameter 40 is used

PE pipe with a diameter of 20cm and a wall thickness of 2mm.

Ii. Installation and inspection

A filter is installed at one end of the main water pipe into the tank, and a control valve and a sprinkler pump are installed at the other end; 2 branch water pipes are arranged in the temperature shed with spacing of 3 meters, fixed with bolts at a distance of 2 meters from the ground, and well connected with the main water pipe; Fix a sprinkler head on the elbow every 3 meters and connect a water pipe, and install it upside down. After the sprinkler system is installed, check the connection parts of the filter, sprinkler pump, main pipe, branch pipe and sprinkler head, etc., if the fastening is intact, water can be released for 3-5 minutes for test spraying. If the sprinkler head is found not spraying water, the water supply shall be stopped and the sprinkler hole shall be checked. If sand and other debris blocked, should be taken down the spray

Head, remove sundries, but not to enlarge the nozzle, so as not to affect the quality of water spraying. At the same time, check whether the filter is intact, if not intact to repair.

Iii. Use of sprinkler irrigation system

After starting the sprinkler pump, control the water supply pressure through the valve to keep it at 0.18 kpa. Sprinkler irrigation time is generally selected in the morning or afternoon, when the temperature can rise rapidly after sprinkling irrigation. Spraying time and interval can be determined according to different growing period and water demand of vegetables. As the vegetable plants grow

High, spray irrigation time should be extended gradually. The mensuration, sprinkler irrigation for 20 minutes, the high temperature season, those cool 6 ~ 8 ℃. Because the water of sprinkler irrigation is sprayed directly on crop leaf surface, facilitate leaf surface absorption, prevent disease and insect pest already, be helpful for vegetable growth again. If combined with leaf spraying fertilizer, vegetables grow better.

Use sprinkler irrigation for fertilization

Sprinkling irrigation can fertilize with water and improve fertilizer efficiency. Use soluble fertilizer, 3~4 kg at a time. First dissolve the fertilizer and then pour it into the fertilizer tank. Since the fertilizer tank is connected with the branch water pipe, open the fertilizer valve and adjust the main water valve. Spray can be started when there is water flow in the water pipe

. The ratio of fertilizer solution to water can be determined according to the growth of vegetables. After spraying and fertilizing, keep spraying water for 3-5 minutes to clean the pipe and sprinkler head.

Five, the advantages of sprinkling irrigation

Sprinkler irrigation can supply water timely according to the water demand of vegetables to ensure the unconsolidated soil, thus promoting the growth of vegetables and prolonging the supply period of vegetables. Practice has proved that the selection of good quality sprinkler irrigation system can also save water by 50%, save fertilizer by 30% and increase crop yield by 20%.
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